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The facilities provided by the school are as follows:
  1. Every class room has got coloured and comfortable furniture for the students.
  2. The school has got well equipped science lab with water sinks and gas pipes having regular practicals for the classes III onwards.
  3. The computer Lab of the school is set up with 30 computers and two A.C.
  4. Teaching is done in DAVPPS Sunarian through Smart Boards.
  5. The school is having good orchestra team, proper school band, Table Tennis players, cricket players, proper set up of basket ball, air pistol, caroms and chess boards.
  6. The major attractions for the students of Kinder Garten section are attractive furniture, AC in every room, electric train, play stations, colorful swings, bunk bed and a very beautiful spacious swimming pool.
  7. Providing important information and daily homework to parents through SMS System.
  8. The school is having a computerized Examination System as well as Accounts and Fee Collection work.
  9. Two Generator of 62.5 KVA is installed from the beginning of the school for the comfortability of the students.
  10. CCTV Cameras are installed at every floor and at the reception area to have check over the discipline of students and teachers as well. As per instructions of our higher authorities our school buses are also having CCTV Cameras.
  11. The school is having very attractive stage for morning assembly and for other celebrations.